Miss Universe National Costume Competition – FINALIST


I’m so excited to share with you that I am a finalist in the Face of Australia, Miss Universe National Costume Competition. Its been an intense, exciting and nervous journey. I’m sharing the pictures I took through it all.

You can vote for me (VOTE A) here + watch the morning show:


Massive THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped me along the way. Whether it was prototype help, fashion advice, support – you name it! You know who you are…you’ve been absolutely wonderful! Special thanks to Make-up Artist Sam for getting me ready for Sunrise TV!

It all starts with an idea:

The costume aspect is the most important part of the competition. It can’t just look like any dress, it must represent Australia in a more theatrical manner.

My design came from the poem “I love a sunburnt country…”, from the famous Australian poem ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mackellar. I believe what makes Australia unique is our landscape, flora and fauna. I wanted to express this through my design. The sky is represented by the gum leaves and wattle ‘halo’. The earth/middle is represented by a stylised ‘Uluru’, and the ground (represented by the long skirt with leaves, nuts and grasses). Together she the Mother Nature of Australia, someone strong, independent and beautiful – just like the Australian Landscape.

Uluru, Northern Territory Australia



The Sketch:

They pick  four finalists from all the entries, I entered the sketch.

Miss Universe Costume Entry



Making the costume:

Miss Universe Costume in the Making

Special Order Shoes:

Got Olivia’s shoes specially made from the Shoes of Prey Website. They were made to perfection. I get really excited when the packaging looks as good as the product! THANK YOU SHOES OF PREY!

Miss Universe Costume Shoes from Shoes of Prey

Final Outfit:

Miss Universe Costume - The Final Outfit



The lovely Nina wearing my design!


Miss Universe Nina Wearing the Costume


The Finalists: 

Lovely bunch of people, Models, Designers + Miss Universe and Channel Seven Staff!

Miss Universe Nina Wearing the Costume

Miss Universe Nina Wearing the Costume


Miss Universe Finalists and Designers



Costume on Miss Universe Australia – Miss Olivia Wells:

Miss Universe Australia Olivia Wells wears final costume


Please vote if you get the chance, thank you!




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